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Learn, experience, create through Art and Culture

The proposed workshop offers to the participants the unique opportunity to explore and reveal the island of Cyprus through its Art History and Culture by visiting museums, specific cultural sightseeing attractions and archaeological sites. Through its procedure the participants will achieve an improvement of understanding of creativity expressed through centuries and different cultures, as well as develop their sense of cultural identity and their awareness of current European Art. The idea of the workshop is to support dialogue on European Art by realising the historical contribution every country may have to our current Art and Civilization.

Workshop procedure
The workshop has an experiential character. The participants will be encouraged to get inspired and select information from particular historical art works and contemporary artists as well, in order to realize the connections that may exist between them, plastically and conceptually. For example, the mosaics of the church Panagia Kanakaria of 5th century A.C. and the paintings of impressionists and fauve artists, or the icons and wall paintings of Middle, Late and Post Byzantine art and artists like Roy Lichtenstein and David Hockney. The participants will select visual materials and they can choose to use any technique (e.g. drawing, painting, paper collage) and media (e.g. photography, video) they like. The visual materials will be used as reference to particular artworks and to support the process of creating their own artworks. The different background, idiosigracy and personality of every single participant and their interaction during the procedure may lead to unexpected results.

Workshop topics
• The periods
Hellenistic and Greek Roman mosaics (4th century B.C. - 4th century A.C)
Early Cristian mosaics of Panagia Kanakaria and Panagia Ageloktisti, Kiti (5th century A.C.)
The wall paintings (11th and 12th century)
Byzantine Iconography (Post byzantine period 1453 - )
• The movements
Pop Art
• The Artists
Andre Derain
George Seurat
Andy Warhol
Roy Lichtenstein
David Hockney

Workshop time table
Daily 9:00 – 16:00
Duration: 5 days

Meeting at N.P. Fine Arts Studio - Icebreaking activities, discussion, planning
Visit to Nicosia Old City - within the walls.
Museum of Andreas Argyrou, Mazotos, Larnaka
Panagia Aggeloktisti church, Kiti
The cathedral of Apostle Varnavas, Larnaca old city
National Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art
Leventis Gallery of Modern Art
N.P. Fine Arts Studio
Workshop at the N.P. Fine Arts Studio
Workshop at the N.P. Fine Arts Studio

The participants will be required to
• collect information necessary using various media such as sketches, digital photos, paintings
• engage in discussions regarding the information they collect, the materials presented, and the cultural visits
• experiment with art materials, media and techniques
• show their work to their peers and the community

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